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Track Title: Steal My Girl is track of the day

Artist: Nick Grimshaw

Album: Radio 1 breakfast show


steal my girl is track of the day! “”liam”” and niall’s message for radio 1


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Harry and Niall’s reaction to this girl’s sign next to us. - Glendale, Arizona (September 16, 2014)

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El Paso, 9/19 x

El Paso, 9/19 x

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Titian. Venus of Urbino. 1538.

Niall Horan. 2014.



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Okay so in the afternoon, we were hanging out near the French Market and we stumbled upon Ashton Irwin watching some street performers playing drums. He was completely alone, just sitting by himself. We walked past and I asked if he was enjoying himself and he said that he was. Then we went into a shop and Carly has a very minor meltdown before we went back out and Carly asked if she could be “that person” and ask for a photo. Ashton said sure and patted the ground next to him so Carly sat down and I took a picture of them. Then we switched places and I got to sit next to Ashton and get a picture with him. He smelled amazing and he was very sweet. You could tell he was tired or something, so we didn’t stay long. Just long enough to thank him and tell him that we were excited for the show and such. Then we said bye and went on our way.
Flash forward a few hours and Carly and I are on Bourbon Street. We got these huge drinks and we were walking around and I was a little drunk because I am the world’s biggest lightweight. We saw this bar that was surrounded by young girls so we knew right away what was going on. Mind you, it was, like, one am and these were young girls and I just wanted them all to go to bed. They closed the bar completely but for just a moment, I was about five or ten feet from Niall with only Paul and Lou between us.
Carly and I waited around because we didn’t know what else to do. Finally Niall left that bar and people were going nuts and it was quite a scene. We watched him walk away and I was like, “Well, we got a glimpse of Niall Horan. That’s more than most other people will see.” So we started walking back toward the streetcar when we looked up the street and Niall was there. He walked into this little bar off of Bourbon and so we decided to go try to get in before they closed it. We didn’t see exactly which bar he went into, so we asked these other two people who were there which one. They pointed it out and then we decided to be a group and do it all together. The group consisted of Carly, Elizabeth, Stephen and me. They were from Baton Rouge and were around our age. We got into the bar and sat down and Niall was off with some friends playing pool. We sat near them and just started having fun with our new friends, drinking and laughing. We played some tunes on the juke box, including Sugar We’re Going Down and we watched Niall jam his heart out to it. It was a good moment. Then one of his crew (someone who works in audio) came over to Elizabeth and started chatting with her and then brought us all over to Niall and his friends and Stephen challenged Niall to pool. So they started to play. Carly and I watched and sat with his friends and Paul and John (his bodyguard) and they were chatting us up. One of them told Carly he was so glad that we were so chill and just willing to let Niall be a regular lad for the night and play pool and drink on Bourbon Street. Then Niall came over to us and introduced himself and shook our hands. Niall ended up beating Stephen, then Niall took a break and chatted up his friends again and was drinking so Stephen played Carly and me at pool and Niall said winner would play him. Stephen let us win (even though we are awful) so we could play against Niall. At this time, more people were starting to show up but John was making them all back away or leave (he even made someone back off of me). Elizabeth, Stephen, Carly, and I were the only ones not asked to back away or leave. We played Niall in pool and he kept saying that he was shit at the game but he kicked our asses for the most part. He showed Carly how to set up a good shot, and he also checked out my ass while I was bent over doing my thing (I was wearing pants that made my ass look so fucking great, God bless America). We chatted about super low key things, like alcohol and pool and music. One of his friends put She Looks So Perfect on the juke box and we all jammed out. We also jammed out to Chocolate by The 1975 (I sang Chocolate and SLSP with Niall Horan holy SHIT). There was this one girl who was completely smashed and she kept trying to help Niall out with his shots but he just kind of made fun of her and made funny faces at us instead and John made her leave. Niall was about to beat me, but then he scratched as he got the 8 ball in, so I ended up beating him. He came over to me and gave me a hug and then put a blue string of party beads around my neck. He had his arm around my shoulder and I was leaning against his chest when someone yelled that he couldn’t give me his beads until he showed his tits. So he lifted up his shirt and my head against up against his bare naked chest and I got a face full of nipple. We then went over to another corner of the bar and hung out with Niall and his crew. Everyone else was asked to leave. John was really happy with us and we talked to him a ton about his travels and the job and everything like that. He told Carly that we were good people on our best behavior. Another guy there was super appreciative of us and kept saying it. Niall came over multiple times and we talked about drinks and Carly asked him about what kind of liquor he likes and if he has ever had certain shots. He clapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear that I had beaten him in pool. He was pretty drunk, obviously. John ended up getting Elizabeth’s number, but I’m not 100% sure why. The rest of the crew brought us bar stools and one of them kissed me on the forehead. We got hugs from Niall and John and Ed. At around six, Niall left and we walked out with John and him and everyone said bye and we thanked them and Niall thanked us and we went our separate ways. I have my beads and Carly ended up with a hat that was on Niall’s head for at least part of the night. It was so wild and so much fun and Niall is a sarcastic little shit and we just really had a great time with him and his crew. I still can’t believe it happened. We weren’t allowed to have our phones out so we don’t have pictures. But I have my beads and Carly has her hat and we have our memories and that’s all that matters!!




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niallhoran: Pablo , cal and I listening to a bit of chasing waterfalls by TLC and watching Harry do the rap word for word

niallhoran: Pablo , cal and I listening to a bit of chasing waterfalls by TLC and watching Harry do the rap word for word

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seriously harry looks so offended lmao

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Niall Horan riding the mechanical bull at Trophy Room in Austin, TX

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narry mechanical bull riding in austin | + | + | +

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I get so tense I’m often close to puking. We started off on a TV show so I should be at home there, but every time we do telly it riddles me with nerves. I’m petrified from the minute I get in the dressing room to the second we walk out on to the set. I don’t know why - and it’s getting worse.

I just spiral into this one massive bag of nerves. Then, when the next show comes along, it starts again, only worse. Maybe it’s because it feels quite intimate? I don’t like singing in front of small crowds.

In 2013, when we were invited to perform at the American Music Awards, I was in a state about singing a song I was usually comfortable with. Then before we went out, Justin Timberlake was coming off after collecting an award and I remember saying to the lads: “Is that the calibre of people here?” To make matters worse, as he walked off Justin came over to say hello and I was bricking it, nearly swallowing my own puke. I was fine in the end, but it’s draining being that nervous.

Niall in Who We Are (x)
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some things never changes tho





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